# 4 Chi bi (Red Cliff)

Chi Bi (Beijing Film Studio, 2010) won’t be the last plodding historical epic made in China, but Ming-liang Tsai’s Bu san (Goodbye Dragon Inn) (2003) made it seem like a terrible idea to make a CGI enhanced, epic version of a 70s style martial arts film staring over privileged actors like Tony Leung and a Tarantino-esque “knack” for kitschy framings. John Woo proves he was right.

2 responses to “# 4 Chi bi (Red Cliff)

  1. Though I haven’t seen it and in no means aim to “defend” it, I do find it intriguing that the Asian release is 4+ hours, while the US release is cut all to hell (2.5 hours?). Doesn’t speak to your critique, just saying. Also I heart the pic of Ofer taking a seat in the empty theater. Sadly, less a commentary on Red Cliff than on film-going culture in Athens (and greater USA??).


  2. @Chip,

    According to Chris Iacofano, the “American cut” is only the first half of the Asian release, and the second half will be released later in the year under another title or a standard sequel title.

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