(out of series) Chats perchés (my tv)

The cats are cute, i guess, but senile Marker endorses Lionel Jospin, condescends to all radicals, and waxes sentimental Bertrand Cantat. Would be a good double feature with idiocy from the ever-lame Frances Fox Piven.

2 responses to “(out of series) Chats perchés (my tv)

    • Sorry, but in the TV show I mention above, the depths of Marker’s anti-revolutionary position and his imbecilic critique of every activist who isn’t old suggest senility to me, as do the new heights of his mournful melancholy tone, suffused with the irony of a Parisian Mandarin. I find that tone has become even harder to bare than it was in the 80s and 90s, when at least he could still think a little. Although I know he is not quite literally senile, he deserves the insult. While I have some use for earlier Marker, this video is an embarrassment. Marker is one of the biggest sacred cows in the cinematic universe and I am not surprised that someone should emerge with a rote 1-line defense of him. Let’s think a bit about whose writing is stupid here … Oh, wait, that wont be necessary. Enjoy you life as fanboy!

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