(out of series) Pacifying Resistance (segment) (OU’s computer)

too much voice over, not enough riot porn, but necessary. would make a good double feature with Et la guerre est à peine commencée.

One response to “(out of series) Pacifying Resistance (segment) (OU’s computer)

  1. “Absolute moral pacifism is a product of civilization. It is a response by the exploited to their trauma. It is an unnatural state. It is a state that is nurtured by exploiter and victim alike, to perpetuate their exploitative and destructive relationship. if a mother mouse is willing to put her life on the line by attacking someone eight thousand times her size, what the hell is wrong with us? How pathetic it is that we construct religious and spiritual philosophies that tell us that to attack even those who are killing those we most dearly love—or those we pretend we love—is to not love at all. Love does not imply pacifism.” – Derrick Jensen

    Love is a verb. Love implies sacrifice and a willingness to overcome ideological differences for the sake of a common goal. Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is a movement growing based on the book co-authored by Derrick Jensen called Deep Green Resistance- Strategy to Save the Planet. For anyone that has been inspired by Derrick or Franklin Lopez’s work, this is where the answers are.

    DGR is for the weary, the desperate, anyone who is ready to align their actions with an honest assessment of the situation we have created for ourselves. It is time for the honest and good individuals to do what is necessary in defense of the planet.

    In the whole of its history, the environmental movement has not been able to stop the growth of fossil fuel consumption, slow the rate of species extinction, or end the conversion of living communities to dead commodities. The Earth is on the brink of biotic collapse. For the brokenhearted, for those who are tired of ineffective activism, for those who can’t wait anymore and for those who know the real world and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect it and restore it and ourselves – and most importantly – for those who are willing to consider a new strategy, announcing Deep Green Resistance. DGR has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet…and win.

    Learn more at:


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