(out of series) Field Marshal Donald Cox (my tv)

In the most charming and urbane interview I’ve ever seen, perhaps recorded at a secret location near Camps-sur-l’Agly, where Cox dies last year, Roz Payne lets the self proclaimed “country boy” to tell his story: his birth in Western Missouri; becoming an arms adviser to the Panthers in the wake of a police shooting in Hunter’s point in 1967, training black communities in the use of guns; the Panthers buying Mao’s Red Book for a dime and selling it for a dollar and using the profits to buy weapons; the creation of an armed pressure group that saved Huey P. Newton from the gas chamber; organizing the party on both coasts of the united states; exile in Algeria with Eldridge Cleaver; international diplomacy around Black September; Timothy Leary’s birthday in Beirut; the veritable schism in the Black Panther Party in 1971; creeping Stalinism; the struggle to come in the United States and more. Would make a good double feature with Angela Portrait of a Revolutionary.

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