#4 (series 3) Haywire (The Athena Grand)

As Ofer Eliaz points out, Soderberg continues his “experiemtnal” project of having people do what they do for a living in a fiction film. Previous examples include Full Frontal, Bubble, The Girl Friend Experience, and possibly Sex, Lies, And Video Tape. In Haywire, Gina Carano, mixed marshal artist, plays an black-ops mercenary who has to kickbox her way out of Barcelona, Dublin, New Mexico and … Given that Carano’s character seems to be working for Academi (Formerly Xe, formerly Blackwater,) one can’t tell if the final fantasy is about leaving one’s injured boyfriend to die or killing Erik Prince. It’s less fun when  not Sarah Michelle Gellar’s not involved, but  David Graeber is better qualified to comment on that point since he  been proudly tweeted™ that he invented Buffy Studies. Would make a good double feature with Irma Vep.

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