(out of series) Teorema (my tv)

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Gilles Deleuze writes: ” …Teorema is a living problem. Hence Pasolini’s insistence … on invoking a problem twords which everything converges, as towards the always intrinsic point of thought, the uncertain point, the leitmotif of the film: “I am haunted by a question to which I cannot reply. Far from restoring knowledge, or the internal certainty that it lacks, to thought, the problematic deduction out the unthought into thought. because it takes away all its interiority to excavate an outside in it, an irreducible reverse-side, which sonsumes its substance. Thought finds itself taken over by the exteriority of a ‘belief,’ outside any interiority of a mode of knowledge. Was this Pasolini’s way of … being a Catholic? Was it on the contrary his way of being a radical atheist? Has he not … torn belief from every faith in order to give it” I would bugger the end of the passage with the words “to revolution,” instead of repeating what Deleuze actually wrote.

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