#9 (third series) The Iron Lady (The Athena Grand)

This piece of trash insists on making Margaret Thatcher seem sympathetic. To that end, it has to portray her as old, demented, hallucinating her dead husband David, show her during the blitz, emphasize her lower middle class origins, show her enjoying the King And I,  establish that she hates terrorists because her friend and ally, Airey Neave, was killed by them, emphasize how hard it must have been for her as the only woman in parliament, minimize the details of the miners strike, make the Falkands war seem reasonable etc. etc.  Phyllida Lloyd and Abi Morgan (who also wrote Shame for the overrated art-world-darling Steve McQueen (I’ll try to address the many flaws in Humger before forcing myself to get through the new one)) proceed to make Thatcher seem unsympathetic by attributing her decline to power madness seeming set off by a shrinking occipital lobe. Clearly The Iron Lady’s ambivalence attempts to garner audiences from all over spectrum of conventional politics and appeal to women who like strong women. The real problem is that love Maggie or hate her, the movie does everything possible to occlude the systemic sources of her evil. Maggie thatcher was garbage and “progressive” women interested in her “strength” have intellects mutilated by patriarchy and capital for which they have become willing kapos.  Meryl Streep’s moronic ideas about realistic acting and craven grabs for oscar® gold have lead here directly here — she is the very image of failed feminism.

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