(out of seires) Porcile (321 Lindley, Film Authors: Pier Paolo Pasolini)

How might Pasolini articulate the connection between the connection between the emergence of discourses on “life” and the biopolitical with the real subsumption of labor? Glad you asked! in Porcile, a film that devotes much time to depicting “zöe,” he has Her Klotz tell Her Herdhitze that by late 1960s the scientific had become the technical, meaning that science had been completely integrated into capital, which implies the creation of a class of technicians, who Klotz and Herdhitze refer to, with deliberate irony, as peasants. More importantly, it implies the degradation of proletarian working conditions so they become indistinguishable from sub-proletarian life, which is what gets played out in the film’s Mount Etna footage.

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