Rifts: Cinema Hostis Degree Zero



Cinema Hostis shows Empire’s new process of abandonment by dispossession: it depicts the creation of relative surplus populations that capital cannot absorb into the wage workforce. Previously, populations driven from land and alienated from means of sustenance were proletarianized: they became a standing reserve of abstract labor time exerting downward pressure on wages and eventually finding employment. Cinema Hostis forecloses such happy endings: capital’s axioms now separate flows of population from flows of money, and Unwaged Life has become a permanent condition under which power abandons rather than managing. Having torn from our own economic base, one that makes reconciliation between the proletariat and money impossible, Cinema Hostis first presents itself as the image of a Rift within which characters inhabit an antagonism, not a solidarity towards other characters in the set where they themselves first appear, characters elaborate enmities with those who appear in different sets, and the camera participates in the struggles it delineates intensifying instead of mediating them.


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